Jorge Saa, a technology industry veteran with 28 years of experience working for different organizations, holds Microsoft Country Manager role for Panama. Jorge began his journey through the technological world, leading Carvajal’s technology operations in Mexico; later, he led software development teams for Cocelco Colombia (now Movistar), where he became part of Microsoft’s consulting and professional services group. There he created a practice that, together with business partners, led modernization processes of banking entities in the Caribbean and Central America. In 2009 he joined the multinational Ericsson where he was responsible for leading the OSS/BSS solutions business for Latin America, global alliances with technology partners and the transformation process of that organization between 2009 and 2018. He returned to Microsoft in 2019 to lead the pre-sales technical unit for Central American large accounts. In this role, Jorge has brought the power of the Microsoft cloud to organizations throughout the region, developing a powerful ecosystem of people, skills, partners and solutions, which have been decisive to face the new reality to which organizations have been forced and through digital transformation, allow business continuity for a hybrid world.

Jorge is an Electrical Engineer, trained at the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. He has complemented this with business, management and innovation programs at the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, INALDE Business School in Bogotá and Boston University in the United States. Additionally, he has attended the training program for leaders and coaches of Coaching Hall International. This passion for learning has been reflected in its dedication to supporting institutions in the education sector, to take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation in education, as well as the impact of technologies on sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of institutions, through the use of Microsoft cloud solutions.