Flying Labs STEM Sheroes

STEM Sheroes Program (AIS Exhibit Booth) – Reshaping the landscape of STEM education by empowering girls and women in Panama.

Stop by the AIS Booth to learn more about the association’s programs and services and meet the team from Panama Flying Labs.

Panama Flying Labs trains local and regional actors in using robotics in an ethical and responsible way, promote entrepreneurship and bring together different stakeholders to create a community for robotics in social good, locally in Panama and regionally in Central America.

Though partnerships with WeRobotics, the Panama Flying Lab’s STEM Sheroes Program is an innovative initiative aiming to reshape the landscape of STEM education by empowering girls and women in Panama. This comprehensive program, set to span over two years, endeavors to build a robust local STEM ecosystem and foster a vibrant community of practice. By combining hands-on activities, experiential learning, and mentorship, the program seeks to inspire mindset and attitude changes among stakeholders.

Tailored for participants aged 5 to 24, the program encompasses age-specific activities centered on robotics, drones, data, and coding. It emphasizes practical learning, gender equity, and local ownership. By engaging underrepresented youth, particularly girls, and promoting STEM through a holistic approach, the program aims to bridge gender gaps and provide access to technological opportunities. This initiative aspires to create lasting impact, nurturing a generation of local technology experts and leaders who leverage emerging technologies to address real-world challenges.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Donna Roper for her invaluable support on this collaboration.